Xtreme Training

Xtreme training is an exciting new venture that launched in September 2012. One of ourcurrent partnership’s is with Potash Corp, Cory Division. We have provided them witha highly professional team comprised of four (4) Certified Equipment Trainers with over 200 hundred hours of experience along with two (2) Construction Safety Officers.

Our objective has been twofold:

  • To provide hands on training to Cory Mine employees, as per government legislation, as well as quality assurance through documentation and record keeping;
  • To restructure training modules to better assist employees when learning the operation and functions of equipment to ensure all documents and modules meet required government legislation.

The future of Xtreme training is based on the needs of its customers and will continually adapt to meet the ever changing industry training standards.

Our Endeavors

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Xtreme Mining and Demolition is involved in numerous endeavors which allow them to have a benefit in other parts of the mining industry